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That says it all
DEmf7erXgAAEYO6, twitter.

Make use of all these iphone cameras.


Suckle ur ass
Neetsfagging322297, because neets are faggin´ hardcore. Generation x is the x between the butt-cheeks. Twilight for girltards and Scott Pilgrim for boytards, the western world face an orgy of epic faggotry and dullness, the failapocalypse has begun.
Soon diseases blobs of flesh will escape the basements, forme ever greater masses of fail and aids, rivers of excrements fooling the streets in the name of sickeningly humanitarian emotions. The world is threatened of collapsing in its own butthole.

What else?
The folks speaking out against Trump are helping me make up my mind a little more every day!

Is he the Perfect Candidate whose thoughts mirrors mine on all fronts? NOPE.
Does he say everything the way I wish he would say it? NOPE.
Am I absolutely sure that his motives are absolutely pure? NOPE.


Obama is against Trump … Check.
The media are against Trump … Check.
The establishment Democrats are against Trump … Check.
The establishment Republicans are against Trump … Check.
The Pope is against Trump … Check.
The UN is against Trump … Check.
China is against Trump … Check.
Mexico is against Trump … Check.
Soros is against Trump … Check.
“Black Lives Matter” is against Trump … Check.
“Move On” is against Trump … Check.
Planned Parenthood is against Trump…Check.
Illegal aliens are against Trump .. Check.
Islam is against Trump … Check.
Hateful, violent Liberals are against Trump … Check.


He's not a Politician … Check.
He's not a Lawyer … Check.
He's not doing it for the money … Check.
He's an American citizen, born in the USA by American parents … Check.


Whoopi said she will leave the country … Check.
Rosie said she will leave the country … Check.
Sharpton said he will leave the country … Check.
Cher said she will leave the country … Check.
Cyrus said she will leave the country … Check.
Hillary will go to jail … Check.

Sure sounds good to me!

>America first? Globalism first?
>America's an exceptional country? The US is flawed & racist?
>America shouldn't apologize for the past? America shouldn't exist?
>Jobs? Part-time jobs and Dependency?
>Better Trade Deals? Trade Deals that destroy American jobs?
>Fix the cities? Foster victimhood and get the vote doing nothing?
>School Choice? Protect our Teacher's Union?
>Schools that teach? Schools that indoctrinate?
>Police come to our aid? Black-Lives Matter and dead cops?
>Police enforce the law? Disarm or abolish the Police?
>Immigration controlled? Open Borders?
>Illegal immigration must stop? Illegals will be given citizenship?
>Vet Muslim/Christian immigrants? No vetting-bring ALL Muslims in?
>Support Israel? Let Israel be destroyed?
>Destroy ISIS? Pretend they are the JV team?
>Calling terrorism by its proper name? Pretend its not Islamic based?
>No bomb for terror-supporting Iran? Let them have the bomb?
>Allies pay for part of their defense? We pick up the entire tab?
>No more nation-building? Stay in that business?
>Military fights to win? Military restricted by combat rules?
>Strong military second to none? Cut military & rely on the UN?
>Best care of our Vets? Lip service to our Vets?
>Less regulations on business? More regulations on business?
>Free Market determines salaries? The Living Wage?
>Reward investment and entrepreneurship? You didn't build that?
>More Private Sector Jobs? More Government Jobs?
>Replace ObamaCare? Keep ObamaCare and move to single payer?
>Keep your doctor & pick your coverage? Everyone gets the same?
>Energy independence? Energy dependency of Mideast?
>Frack and use coal? REGULATE fracking & coal to death?
>Government run like a business? Government run like it is now?
>Cut Government Waste? Business as usual?
>End special interest politics? Special interests concerns are #1?
>Cut taxes? More taxes such as a Carbon Tax?
>Court that upholds the Constitution? Court that does what it wants?
>Court that upholds the Second Amendment? Ends gun rights?
>Court that protects Life? Abortion at any time?
>Political correctness is censorship? The Fairness Doctrine
>Constitutional Law? I AM the law and AM above it?
*Hope to attain the American Dream?
*This is the best we can do?
*I work for you?
*Mother knows best?
*I am YOUR voice?
*I am the voice of Special Interests and the Establishment?


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Loved the disruption of Shakespeare last night.
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I love how you make fun of every political alignment!
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He does?
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I suggest you reconsider everything.
Your political thoughts seem...Ridicilous...

They are radical and dumb.
"R radical and dumb!"

Not an argument!
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Hey. Liking your art!
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